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This is not currently available. It has been requested, though. The best way to get it added is to vote for the suggestion from others. The more votes an idea receives, the more likely it is to be added. If you go to Support, then Share Your Feedback, and search for "email payroll," you'll see the suggestion at/near the top of listed items. Just click on the Vote button to add your interest.

If your system has been set up and in use, prior to your new employee starting, the modules will be helpful. I came from a QB background and this software does not have the availability to do things as "clearly" as QB. A little clunky but ACS/Realm has been making improvements. My advice would be to find a mentor that knows Realm and would be willing to help guide your employee for a couple of weeks. (It could always be done via phone or zoom.) OR definitely spend the extra for the advanced modules. (takes time- don't know how much... (More)

The best way would be to treat these as two transactions.  1)  write the check that will complete her 1099 process for you when she cashes/deposits it.   2) she can write her own check back to the church for the same amount which you would the deposit and add to her giving statement.  A couple of extra steps but it satisfies both things that you are trying to accomplish.  

Realm Accounting Essentials has four different modules that you can review at your own pace.

I had never used Realm before but if you have navigated QB or some of the other accounting software you can do this, the only thing is it has additional things for the Church to use. Which is a bonus.  I just jumped right in and learned on the job and always had Realm support to help