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Giving and Pledges
Giving and Pledges

Jennie Bonin
Database Project Manager
Is there any way to query on these gift fields - Payment Form or Online Source? We want to keep track of online giving, and I don't see there is any place to do this, i.e. Dashboard or Report or Query. Thanks!
Pam Troy-Kopack
Director of Business Operations
If you do on-line giving through Realm you use Vanco as the credit card processor. They are requiring everyone to be PCI compliant by 9/30/21 or be charged a monthly fee of $23.95. I hate paying fees so I'm trying to get compliant but all the PCI policies I see (including the guidance from Vanco) are for large organizations with actual IT staff. Anyone have a PCI policy that is geared to smaller churches?
Kylie Beran
Communications and Data Management
I'm trying to figure out Realm Giving, and if we should move to using it. Then, I will need to then explain everything to our Finance Team. My first big questions are... 1) Do you need a Realm login to fill out an online giving form? Can guests (people without Realm logins) give online? 2) If guests (people without Realm logins) give online, do they create for themselves a profile, one that they can't see unless they are invited to create a Realm login, in the future? 3) How does it work for text giving? Can Realm users give that... (More)