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Welcome to MinistrySmart Online Community

Introduce Yourself!
Introduce Yourself!

We are so excited that you've joined the MinistrySmart Community. We hope that you feel welcome. This is a community forum for Realm users to connect and collaborate with each other. Be sure to follow topics of interest so that you can stay connected.

Please take a moment to introduce yourself. What church do you represent? What is your role in your ministry? What do you enjoy most about your role in your ministry? Do you have a favorite feature in Realm? Tell us something fun about yourself!

Bobby Person
Director of Client Learning ACS Technologies
Hi everyone! Bobby Person here from ACS Technologies. I just wanted to give a big thank you to the MinistrySmart Community for all the great participation and engagement we continue to see. Our vision in launching this community was to provide a place where our ministry partners could connect with each other and learn from each other. You all bring unique knowledge, experiences and gifts to this community which is a wonderful blessing for everyone here. Thank you!
Brittany Solscheid
Community Life Coordinator
Hello, my name is Brittany, I am the Community Life Coordinator at City Harvest in Vancouver, WA. We have been using the Realm since 2017. Its been a ride smooth at times and bumpier at other times. All in all its been a great way to connect people and streamline programs.
Hello, I'm the Administrative Assistant/Accountant at First Baptist Uvalde in Uvalde, Texas. We started using Realm in January of 2022, so I am still learning the finer points of the accounting program.
Michelle Freyholtz
Director of Administration
Hello, I'm from The House of Hope Presbyterian Church in Saint Paul, Minnesota and we have just migrated to Realm from ACS ondemand and AccessACS. Looking forward to learning how we can utilize this new platform in our ministry.

We are hiring a Full-Time Administrative Assistant to fill an open position for database management!

If you are interested in joining our team, please check out the website or contact for more information.