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Jessica Carter
Senior Pastor Administrative Assistant
We are a church of around 1,000 attendees (pre-covid) with 18 staff members. Are there any other churches here that are similar in size? Do you have any tips and tricks of how Pathways has benefited you ?
Nikki Office
Church Office Manager

It's newly setup and, obviously, a work in progress... but here are the steps we have at the moment.  I would love a column with the name of the person that the step is assigned to.

I am new to Realm.  Is anyone willing to share the pathways they have built and are working well?  I'm specifically looking for pathways for baptisms, confirmations, and weddings.  Thank you!



I am doing a webinar next week on caring for the vulnerable (ie shut-ins, nursing home residents, those confined to their homes either because of Covid19 or other health issues). I would love some input here to share with those in the webinar next week! What are you doing in your church?