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Group Discussion - Impacting Lives Through Data Collection

In our ongoing attempts to connect with and change lives, gathering data is important. For example, collecting blood type seems intrusive, but if you had a local blood bank that needed specific donors, you could use that to contact individuals in your congregations who meet a need in your community.

Share a time in your ministry, where you could see the change that gathering data in your church database has made.

We are new converts to Realm from PDS. When trying to use the MS Community I first have trouble finding the topics I am having trouble with or needing feedback on. Then secondly, I have a little anxiety going on because there are sooooooo many requests for things needed to help with particular issues. How long will it take to get all of these requests dealt with. I wish I would have known up front what types of things I would actually be giving up on the conversion. We still have not launched Realm to our parishioners and don't really... (More)

Hi @Amanda Englehart2! I look forward to any other responses from other ministry partners for their best practices.

I would definitely suggest you checkout any of our Volunteer Management content in MinistrySmart Academy. You can get there by clicking the Owl icon in the top right corner in Realm. We also have a direct link through the orange icon on the right side of this page that talks about Live Events.

We have content that covers Skills and Interests, the relationship of those with Roles and Teams, and more. I would not suggest using custom fields for skills and... (More)