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Registration Events
Registration Events

Kim Karpeles
Director of Communication
How can Realm be used to schedule taking meals to individuals at home following surgery, new babies, etc.? Tips and suggestions appreciated!

I am a newbie to Realm and am not sure if this is correct space for this question...if not please forgive :)....My Church will be having our annual scholarship drive and would like to run it through Realm. Should we use Registration Events? Or is there a better space for these types of activities. All feedback is welcomed.

Thanks in advance
Please enable us to let Users see the list of registrants for Registration Events.

Realm Support has indicated to me that a (non-Admin) User can only see the list of registrants by setting them up as a User with Responsibilities. This limitation prevents Realm from approaching the functionality of Evite, Google Calendar and other scheduling systems.

I'm hopeful that this would be a relatively easy feature to implement. Our congregation is trying to phase out Evite and GCalendar invites, but it's hard when the functionality isn't duplicated in Realm.