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Reports and Queries
Reports and Queries

You can filter to one fund on the gift detailed listed report in Reporting>Predefined>Giving tab then print or export the report. 

Andrew's answer is correct. Basic text editors and Word don't always appear to get along, as the formatting doesn't transfer. You can copy from Word and use the "Paste as plain text" command, (Ctrl+Shift+V on a PC) to get the text into the email body without looking all wonky. You will need to do some additional text formatting to get it to look good.

For some reason, Realm does not use a very capable text formatting system for the emails, so you are limited to bold and italic and some linking capability, along with basic list bulleting. Translation: don't spend... (More)

Hi @Teresa Goodman4. Just a few thoughts and I look forward to any other ministry partners that may have their own suggestions.

The email function in Realm is a basic text editor, so formatting can be a challenge to bring from somewhere like Word/Google Docs. One thing I normally will do when bringing over main text, is to right click where I'm pasting what I've copied, and selecting "Paste without formatting". From there I will re-edit the areas that need to be bolded, spaced out, etc. (Feel free to submit any ideas for enhancement over in Ideas for Ministry... (More)