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Volunteer Management
Volunteer Management

Is there anyone who is using serving teams and having a lot of success. I am going to try it for a new ministry team (the leader is going to use it to schedule volunteers for a service at a nursing home). I would love to hear your tips and tricks for making it successful and any hints you have for training the serving team leader who is not a staff member.
When you have volunteers saved as a serving team for a Registration Event, why can't you send a group email or select members to email? Is there a way to do that? These are the only options I see... (More)
Jessica Carter
Senior Pastor Administrative Assistant
We are currently using the groups feature for some teams that are actually volunteer teams. We'd like to use the volunteer module instead. Has anyone transferred a group to volunteer team? Will we need to have skills and interests all built out before we can use this? Right now we just want to be able to see who is serving where.