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Community Hangout
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All MinistrySmart Community users are welcome to hang out here.  We will be using this group to share important news, updates in MinistrySmart, and just hang out and chill.  Glad you are here!

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Group Discussion - Small Start, Big Impact

Some churches have found success with regular fellowship dinners. For example, one church found their children's ministries growing faster than they expected when they started a new Spaghetti Dinner outreach program. 

Share a time your church saw big results from a small start.

Andrew updated 8 hours ago

Group Discussion - Communicating Vision to Inspire Giving

Finding ways to be generous is a huge part of our faith and can change lives. However, telling your people you need money for a building fund is one thing; asking them to donate to build a Church Life Center because it can change the lives of the neighborhood kids is a different way to communicate vision and inspire giving.

Share some creative ways that you have inspired giving in your ministry.

Andrew replied 2 days ago

Group Discussion - Impacting Lives Through Data Collection

In our ongoing attempts to connect with and change lives, gathering data is important. For example, collecting blood type seems intrusive, but if you had a local blood bank that needed specific donors, you could use that to contact individuals in your congregations who meet a need in your community.

Share a time in your ministry, where you could see the change that gathering data in your church database has made.

Trace followed 4 days ago

Ministry and Mental Health Webinars

Hello everyone!

Thank you to those that were in our live audience for our two Ministry Impact Webinars titled Ministry and Mental Health (Part 1 and 2). We had amazing crowd participation, sharing encouragement and asking great questions. If you were not able to attend, the recordings are live inside of MinistrySmart Academy. We've had a number of you say that you will be sharing the recording links with your team members that may have missed the live event. That has been very encouraging for @Scott Fischer and I to hear.

Our hope is to bring more subject matter... (More)