Don't forget to sign up for our upcoming webinars!  It is easy to do, simply click on the "Owl" in Realm and navigate to "Catalog" and "Live Events." 

Here is what we have planned for this month.


Feb-3-11:00AM EDT-Realm Advanced Webinar | Realm Connect App: Giving 

  • Today, there is an app for anything and everything you can think of with giving, purchasing, and mobile payment among the highest downloads. Realm Connect is about connecting your church or parish with a record of their giving as well as giving them a planning and giving tool. Join us as we show tips and tricks for successful giving with the Realm Connect app.

Feb-4-11:00AM EDT-Realm Ask the Experts | Strategies for Maintaining Group Information

  • Building groups in Realm offers many benefits for the church including attendance, communication, leadership tools, events, and so much more. Join us as we present strategies on maintaining the information as your church continues to grow in the use of Realm.

Feb-4-2:00PM EDT-Ministry Impact Webinar | Principles for Managing Groups 

  • Groups are at the core of how life happens in your church. Equipping leadership, creating lines of communication, and effectively managing information are some of the things we will discuss as we look at principles for managing our groups

Feb-9-11:00AM EDT-Realm Advanced Webinar | Registration Events 

  • Registration Events will guide you through the best practices to incorporate when working with registration events, what to avoid when creating events, and how to make sure your events work for your church not the other way around.

Feb-10-11:00AM EDT-Realm Advanced Webinar | Attendance Options 

  • Having options is great but if you don't know how or when to use them, they can lose value. Join us as we go over the various attendance options available in Realm and when to use them.

Feb-10-2:00PM EDT-Ministry Impact Webinar | Closing the back door, keeping attendees involved 

  • The pandemic has wreaked havoc on our face-to-face involvement. Community and socially being together has suffered. Let's discuss ways that we can stay connected, keep our groups active, and avoid losing participation during this season.

Feb-11-11:00AM EDT-Ministry Impact Webinar | Beyond Thank You for Attending...closing the "sale" of your church with guests 

  • Individuals and families come to your church because of an invitation, being new in town, or feeling the need to connect. They have given you their contact information! That is the green light to reach out and welcome them to your church. We will look at some calls to action to reach, welcome, and have them join your congregation.

Feb-11-2:00PM EDT-Realm Ask the Experts Webinar | How Do We Start Digital Discipleship? 

  • The Mission of the Church never changes. Go make disciples.... The method to accomplish this mission does change. With all the changes in our world, this is a good time to examine how technology can impact our discipleship efforts. Do we have a plan? Join us as we talk about where we start digital discipleship.

Feb-16-2:00PM EDT-Realm Accounting Advanced Webinar | Rotating Advanced Topics 

Feb-17-11:00AM EDT-Ministry Impact Webinar | Measuring Digital Discipleship 

  • Are you streaming? Do you use Facebook? Is your message connecting with your audience? How do you know? In this webinar, we will look at ways to measure digital discipleship.

Feb-18-2:00PM EDT-Realm Webinar | Launching Realm Connect to Your Church 

  • Whether your church has already launched or your church is just getting started. Join our panel of experts as they share some of the best of the best launch ideas!

Feb-24-11:00AM EDT-Realm Webinar | Check Out The Latest Realm Release 

  • Join us 1 time per month as we cover the previous month's releases in Realm and discuss the WHY behind the HOW.