Hello all! My church has been using Realm for a while now, but I'm just now taking over as our Database Coordinator. I'm also the Receptionist, so I get to talk to a whole lot of parishioners and I think that's a pretty good combination. I'm excited to hear their feedback and get more of our parishioners and staff on the same page with using Realm. My favorite feature in Realm is the Pathways feature. I manage our Newcomer Welcome and Bereavement pathways, and I find that it really helps to make sure no one is forgotten. Something fun about me... I enjoy dabbling in graphic design. Since starting here six months ago, I've utilized some of the design elements and graphics from the rollout kit to make helpful fliers and a brochure for parishioners. I mail the brochure in every welcome packet, and I often attach the fliers to emails. They probably need to be updated (since Realm has been updated), but I think they've been helpful nonetheless.