Hello everyone. My name is Richard "Doc" Strait. I am a retired US Navy Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman. Retired due to war injuries and PTSD. My wife is a US Marine Corps Veteran. After years of surgeries, PTSD treatment (inpatient & outpatient) we were able to go back to college and finish our ministry degrees. Now, we are full-time missionaries to the military and veterans' community that has been impacted by PTSD and war just as we were. We help the veterans, and their families restore their faith and trust in our Lord and Savior. We also help churches start up military ministries and faith-based support groups. We travel around the US and do this as we live full-time in our simple RV. Did I mention that all we do is FREE! We do not ask for or expect any love offering or money in any way from churches and organizations that ask us to help. What I enjoy most about Realm so far is the Connect feature as we have virtual support groups with members all over the US and into other countries where the USA has military bases.