I really hope that Realm is working on a solution that allows us to embed or link to Realm components - like the calendar (wait what calendar, I mean events) - on our website. AND to also allow us to embed parts of our website - like a Google calendar or a live stream (other than their own solution). Many of us have spent years (and lots of money) on our website and streaming solutions. To have the Realm app locked down to only Realm solutions (that cost extra) is wrong!

I know Realm has recently launched their streaming solution and now I hear they are about to launch their very own website solution. I know over the last year++ the community has been asking for ways to integrate Realm into our websites - not to have yet another website builder option to purchase. There are companies that are experts in websites and in video streaming. I'd rather Realm concentrate on making Realm stable and easier to use. PLEASE FIX THE CHAT FUNCTIONALITY. ITS NEVER WORKED. I have lost so much credibility with our church leadership in trying to push all respects of Realm. Guess what, when it doesn't work as well and easily as texting, GroupMe, etc. people do not want to use it. Now when I suggest we use Realm all I get are eye rolls. I no longer advocate for Realm anymore.

Sorry if I seem upset - I'm not - just frustrated.