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Here is what we have planned for this month.


03/02/2021 Ministry Impact Webinar | Beyond Thank You for Attending...Closing the "Sale" of Your Church With Guests 

Individuals and families come to your church because of an invitation, being new in town, or feeling the need to connect. They have given you their contact information! That is the green light to reach out and welcome them to your church. We will look at some calls to action to reach, welcome, and have them join your congregation.

03/03/2021 Realm Ask the Experts | Building Virtual Events in Realm 

Building a registration event has several components, join us as we lay out the best plan to make your event successful. Bring questions or challenges so we can tackle them together.

03/03/2021 Ministry Impact Webinar | What is vVBS, you ask? 

COVID is still here and the church's mission is still clear. As the church continues to go forth and make disciples, events look so much different than ever before. Many churches tried a virtual VBS last year, join us as we discuss what they did, how they did it and what they will change for this year.

03/04/2021 Realm Advanced Webinar | Let's Build a vVBS together 

Ok, you asked, and here's our answer. Join us as we build a virtual event together in Realm. We will go over each step in detail to help you plan your next virtual event.

03/09/2021 Ministry Impact Webinar | Developing Leaders  Postponed

You have been prepared for a time like this...Now prepare the leaders in your church who are looking to your staff for the answers. Train them to greet, meet and touch each other's lives without being worried about communicable illnesses. Join us as we present options for training, leading and how other churches are handling these challenges.

03/09/2021 Realm Ask the Experts Webinar | Who's on First? 

Now that you have converted your data, set up the Staff Users and started getting Realm ready for launch your church needs to think about communication and who will use what tools in Realm and when they should use those tools. Join us as we go through the communication tools and help point your church toward answers.

03/10/2021 Realm Advanced Webinar | Help! I'm in Charge of Children's Ministry 

Being in charge of the Children's Ministry can be a challenge! Join this webinar to explore all the tools in Realm has to make this job easier. Learn how to equip group leaders, attendance options, and the communication tools available in Realm to help your ministry stay connected.

03/11/2021 Realm Advanced Webinar | Equipping Volunteers for vVBS 

Your church has a plan and now you are ready for a virtual event, what about your volunteers? Are they ready? What steps should you follow for virtual volunteers? What tools are there in Realm to help them be successful? Join us as we show you how to equip volunteers in Realm.

03/16/2021 Realm Accounting Advanced Webinar | Preventing Fraud in Church Accounting 

Join us for our monthly Realm Accounting webinar, this month preventing fraud in church accounting. We will discuss steps your church or parish can take, reports to rely on, and share a few best practices with you. Come prepared to ask questions and share ideas.

03/17/2021 Ministry Impact Webinar | Building the foundation for virtual volunteers 

Volunteer Management has always been a huge ministry within the church or parish, however, how important is it to do your background checks, reference checks, training on how to work with kids, if everyone is virtual? Join us as we discuss building a solid foundation for volunteers in this era of virtual volunteering.

03/18/2021 Realm Ask The Experts Webinar | Background Checks 

Securing and affirming proper credentials for those serving in your ministry should include a background check in today's world. Follow along as we map the steps, processes, and how Realm can help you automate background checks.

03/18/2021 Ministry Impact Webinar | Websites Simplified 

Websites are an advertisement, a message, directions, information, and a sample of your church or parish. However resources like budgets, personnel, and time are not always available. Join us as we discuss websites simplified.

03/25/2021 Realm Webinar | Check Out The Latest Realm Release 

Join us 1 time per month as we cover the previous month's releases in Realm and discuss the WHY behind the HOW.