Don't forget to sign up for our upcoming webinars!  It is easy to do, simply click on the "Owl" in Realm and navigate to "Catalog" and "Live Events."  Here is what we have planned for this month.


Oct-9 11:00:00 AM Realm Advanced Webinar | Group Leader Engagement

  • If you build it, they will come. Well, not always! Just because you asked them to do something, doesn't mean they will. Join us for this informative webinar on ways to engage your Group Leaders in all that Realm has to offer.

Oct-14 11:00:00 AM Ministry Impact Webinar | Creating Community while Practicing Social Distancing

  • In an environment where we find ourselves social distancing how do we create engagement, community, and connections?

Oct-14 2:00:00 PM Realm Ask the Experts | Reporting: Queries and Predefined Reports

  • Queries and Predefined Reports don't live in separate neighborhoods. Join us as show you how to use queries and predefined reports together to tell your ministry stories.

Oct-15 11:00:00 AM Realm Advanced Webinar | Communication Tools

  • Communication Tools webinar will go over all of the communications options available to your Group Leaders, Participants, and Staff in Realm. To create real ministry, you have to create community through communication.

Oct-15 2:00:00 PM Realm Accounting Advanced Webinar | Rotating Advanced Topics 

Oct-16 11:00:00 AM Ministry Impact Webinar | Data Management Policies and Procedures

  • Consistent usage of data is critical to usage and management. Your church should have a document for managing all of your data. From profile fields to system management, how your data is created and stored in Realm.

Oct-20 11:00:00 AM Ministry Impact Webinar | Caring for the Vulnerable

  • The recent crisis in the world has introduced us to many new terms in the church. One of those that many ministries already knew was the vulnerable. However, we traditionally called them shut-ins. Now as we adopt a new normal, a new direction for group meetings, is your church meeting the needs of the vulnerable? Are you programming for those that may not be able to return at any occupancy level? Join us as we examine how churches are handling this and share some creative ideas with you on how to include this in your ministry.

Oct-20 2:00:00 PM Realm Advanced Webinar | Administration Strategy

  • You have been named Church Database Administrator (your new Job Title). Let’s focus on how to be successful as you develop strategies to guide and build quality processes and procedures on data management for your church.

Oct-22 11:00:00 AM Ministry Impact Webinar | Live Streaming for Churches 101

Oct-22 2:00:00 PM Realm Advanced Webinar | Changing Profiles

  • As an Administrator in Realm, when you make changes to an address, communication preferences or privacy settings who receives them, why and what should you prepared to do.

Oct-23 11:00:00 AM Realm Ask The Experts Webinar | Effective Pathways - New Members

  • Pathways can be your best friend or worst friend. If you build them correctly they can help your church ensure that no one gets left behind. Join us for this webinar on building effective pathways to track new members through their journey at your church.

Oct-28 11:00:00 AM Ministry Impact Webinar | Virtual Handshake, Connecting People

  • For the time being saying hello and welcome just got very "hands-off" so what can you do to extend a hand and welcome a guest or visitor, say hello to friends in the church and community as well as connect people to each other. As humans, we crave connection both physically and emotionally. Now it time to put those together in the virtual world!

Oct-28 2:00:00 PM Realm Webinar | Launching Realm Connect to Your Church

  • Whether your church has already launched or your church is just getting started. Join our panel of Experts as they share some of the best of the best launch ideas!

Oct-29 11:00:00 AM Realm Webinar | Check Out The Latest Realm Release

  • Join us 1 time per month as we cover the previous month releases in Realm and discuss the WHY behind the HOW.