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Jessica Carter
Senior Pastor Administrative Assistant
Asked a question 4 months ago

Are there printable training documents for group leaders and volunteers to show them how to use groups and teams in Realm? I know I've seen these before, but now I can't find them.

Where am I?

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The "ministry smart academy" has a wealth of training. If you search a topic like, mark attendance, some options will pop up and you can drill down from there. Sure, some of it may be geared toward admin users but there's still plenty for the volunteer and end user, both video and print options. I've seen you can even go to a section of a "course" and only get the portion of training you need.

@Jessica Carter9 Here is an online help link that has guides for group leaders as pdfs.  I'm not seeing one for Volunteer leaders so I'm asking if we have anything. I know that we are also working on creating content specifically for group and serving team leaders.