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Asked a question 15 days ago

Can you add people to a registration event after the event has passed? Sometimes staff doesn't register (pastors/audio visual people) but for the sake of contact tracing during our limited in-person Sunday services I'd like to keep track of everyone who attended. Is there another way to do this? Thank you.

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Yes you can. Go to the events page, pick "Past Events," click on the event you want and then click on "Register Someone." I've had to do this several times with registration because not everyone chooses to register online and I register them after the fact so we know who attended.

Yes. Just go to your event and click on "Register someone." Note that currently, the person you register will get an email that they have been registered. There is a request made to tech support to not send that email once an event is past, but I don't believe that has been implemented yet.

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Asked a question 15 days ago
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