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Jessica Carter
Senior Pastor Administrative Assistant
Asked a question 3 months ago

Has anyone had the one on one training with Realm? If so can you tell me about your experience? Were you given a clear direction for launching? We are weighing budget options.

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Hi Jessica - Yes, I had one on one training when we converted to Realm. I had a one hour session for the database module and then another session for the accounting module. I had already reviewed the Realm training videos and I was using ACS On Demand when we converted. The one on one session was valuable in that they answered every single one of my questions as I setup Realm to use. With the one on one training - even over the phone - I was able to be fully functional day one. Realm is intuitive to use and with the one on one  training I asked questions specific to my church's process and thus was able to seamlessly convert. Time and money very well spent!