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Keith Hudgins
Ministry Consultant
Asked a question 2 years ago

Have you launched Realm Connect to your church?

Like others, we launched but the challenge has been promoting use by members of our congregation. With local and state restrictions as to how many people can gather and most churches being closed, it is hard to get information out that people are willing to pay attention to and use Realm.
Keith Hudgins
not too late to register for this webinar!
Dewayne Braddock
We are launching connect to our group leaders to mark attendance on their zoom meetings
Kristi Moore
We did a soft launch - with our staff and group leaders and volunteers who are very connected. Unfortunately we have too many issues with the app across the board that we had to go back to GroupMe for communications. The app just doesn't consistently work and Support can never "recreate" the issues we have so nothing gets solved. It is unfortunate since we pay money for this and want to be able to fully utilize all the features. We just cannot roll this out to our church (3,000+) when we have no confidence that it can handle even the most basic communication functions. :(
Tony Bullard
We launched pre-COVID. We make a big deal about getting the app, moved our Small Groups onto it. We actually got half-decent buy in, but people had so many issues with the mobile app that most of our congregation refuse to use it any more. We still use the backend stuff, but most of the social/connection aspects of Realm go unused because it didn't meet peoples' expectations.
Doug Palmer
We launched pre-COVID - So glad we did. Online Giving has increased from 20% participation to 75% participation. The casual givers are much more consistent when giving through the online or text options.

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