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Karen Yeager
Financial Secretary
Asked a question 11 months ago

I want to include a giving statement Cover Letter only to families who are still getting printed statements. They are getting printed statements because NEITHER spouse has an email address stored in Realm. I've made a custom query to use. But it's not doing what I want. I want families "on the list" if both spouses lack an email address. What I'm getting is some families "on the list" even tho' one of the spouses has an email address. See screen shot. I'm using "Show Contributor view". What's a better way to solve this problem? The hard way would be to use the existing custom query to create the giant printable PDF, then use to manually strip out the unwanted pages before printing. Eww.

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Karen, maybe you need to also add where giving is "shared." That may help weed out all the other people in the report.


I know the order of how you report on things matters as well. Maybe switch to put the email is blank and then the giving information??


You can also export to an excel spreadsheet if you need to clean it up further. That should be easier to work with than a pdf.