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Amy Martell
Office Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

If you have a registration event that is an ongoing event, and you have people who ended up registering as a guest, is there a way to edit that registration before the end date of the ongoing event? Or do I need to delete that registration and add in the correct (non guest) person? Fortunately there are no costs associated, so I am wondering what the easiest option would be. Thanks!

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If they are in your church database and they didn't log into Realm and registered as a guest, you could see how they answered any custom questions, register them yourself and attach to their profile, answering the questions the same way, and then cancel their guest registration. The problem is they'll get emails about canceling that guest registration and the new confirmation and won't know what's going on unless you email them and explain.  At first I tried fixing those like that, but it seemed to cause so much back-and-forth explanation, that I decided if it wasn't absolutely necessary, I'd live with them registering as a guest.  (If they'd register via their profile (which I put in the instructions), their lives would made simpler, and they'd have less to enter.