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Brian James
Minister of Communications & Worship
Asked a question 11 months ago

Is there a timeline for adding or integrating a Facility Scheduler component into Realm? This is one of the biggest needs to keep from having to enter events multiple times.

Charlotte M. Brown
We are using Facility Scheduler as our basic calendar on the website and using events into REALM for folks to know who is in the church - but the events do not have any particulars. The calendar is REALM is basically an event tracking so we have found we have to enter this information in Facility Scheduler with information AND in REALM. We are in unison prayer that Facility Scheduler becomes a component of REALM. We love using REALM but the lack of a facility scheduler that is a calendar of activity (not necessary events) at the church or nearby campuses has not been a pleasant experience. Yes, we posted this need when we 1st migrated to REALM and when we decided to get ACS Facility Scheduler.
Carol Bird
We are working through this same issue and I agree with both of the above comments, this needs to be a priority for Realm to get the two calendaring systems integrated.
Heather Vanderberg
We are frustrated by the lack of a facility management component in Realm. The facility Scheduler is clunky and outdated. The lack of integration created double the work. This is a significant disadvantage to Realm when compared with other solutions.
Rebekah Musick Ministry Success Manager - Senior
Heather Vanderberg Thank you for your feedback. I've added your vote to the request asking to have a facility management solution in Realm and/or integration with ACS Facility Scheduler. You will then get email notifications when the status of either of these changes. We don't know what is coming in 2022 yet.
Carol Bird
Thanks for this update - I truly believe that this should be a priority item since this is one of the major pain points for those of us who have decided to make the switch to Realm. There are enough other things for staff to adapt to in moving from Access ACS to Realm without adding in this frustration. Thanks for raising this again with the development team.
Gretta Cardwell
Rebekah Musick, I would like to add my vote to the importance of facility management in Realm. It is becoming hard to convince our staff that Realm is keeping up with our needs and is the best solution. We are starting work on a second campus next year and I hate to imagine having to continue to use multiple systems to schedule and manage facilities.
Carol Bird
Carol Bird Just having voted for the idea of "combining ACS Facilities Scheduler w/Realm" on "Ideas for Ministry" I notice there are only 16 votes for adding this feature. Anyone in this community that is having major issues with this needs to add their vote - I don't know if there are a number of different "asks" for the same thing and it is diluting the vote total across several suggestion headings that talk about the need for this update - but if this forum is truly the driving force behind product development for Realm then I guess I am concerned that it will not be seen as the priority it needs to be.
Rebekah Musick Ministry Success Manager - Senior
Carol Bird We do have more votes for this request on an internal ticket that we were using to track the request before we had the Ideas for Ministry forum. But we still need anyone who needs this request to vote for it.
Rebekah Musick Ministry Success Manager - Senior
Gretta Cardwell Your vote has been added to three different requests all related to having facility management in Realm.
Carol Bird
Thank you for letting us know - that is encouraging to hear.
Betsey Gibbs
Heather Vanderberg Completely agree!
Carol Bird
With the launch of Realm websites - is there still a push to integrate a true facilities scheduling function. We were told that this was likely to happen in 2022 and I have not heard anything new on this project. The integration with the websites created in Realm is for events only and not facilities management, so even if we were to switch to a platform in Realm from our existing website - my understanding is that we would still not have this functionality. Would appreciate an update. Thanks
Jim Peich
I'm new to Realm but we definitely want to vote for this feature too. Where do I find the place to vote for this?
Rebekah Musick Ministry Success Manager - Senior
Jim Peich you can click on the Realm Ideas for Ministry in this community on the right to find the requests and vote on them. Thank you!

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Hey @Brian James14 I'm not sure of the current plan around Facilities Management in Realm. I know this has been brought to the powers that be and there are ideas submitted into Ideas for Ministry about this specifically. I know you are aware of Ideas for Ministry and have probably submitted an idea or voted on this specifically. If not, please do.