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Kelly Shifflett (Realm Admin Help)
Administrative Assistant
Asked a question 8 months ago

MULTI-PART PROBLEM RE: GROUP EVENTS - ADDING IMAGES/CHANGING INFO: 1) If I create a Ministry Area level event, I don't seem to be able to add an image for it at that level. 2) Once I have created a recurring group event, I can't change the image from week to week as there are new topics and themes to promote. My only option seems to be to change all events in the series - which then shows up to people with the current image and topic info projected for all weeks going forward. (and it eliminates the history for prospective attendees who might want to look back and see what a group's study has covered over the last few weeks) 3) Why can't I copy an event so I can reuse the basic time, location, description info but tailor the details as needed - instead of having to type up new events every single week? Right now I have 3 groups w/Ministry Area events (just so congregants can see future dates and "generic placeholders" just in case I can't get to specifics for a given week). But I have to cancel each of these as I receive the specific info for that week's meeting, and create a new "freestanding event" for each of the 3 groups. 4) Once I have marked as canceled, even if there is no attendance marking, I can't rid of the event - all the "canceled because I didn't want to create it this way" are still there just the same as "canceled because the group decided not to meet". This just can't be the way it's supposed to work! What am I missing???

Where am I?

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Hello @Kelly Shifflett26. I welcome any other Ministry Partners to submit any ideas of ways they've solved for one or more of these things.

What are you experiencing overall is accurate in how Top Level Ministry Area events and recurring group events are created. You have a few things listed above that would make good Ideas for Ministry submissions for feedback into Product Development. It sounds like the only way to accomplish the uniqueness of the events with images, would be to create these as independent events with the images to match. I like your idea of the "Copy Event" to save some basic parameters of the meeting. Please do submit that. You can get to Ideas for Ministry quickly through the blue image in the right navigation bar of this page.

Here are a few ideas that I have floating around in my head that may be good ideas or pieces of ideas to submit into Ideas for Ministry.

  1.  Top Level Events - The ability to save images for all group events for those included in this ministry area.
  2. Independent images vs one image to cover all events in the recurrence also sounds like a good idea. It may be a bit complicated and could be better served to create the series blocks in recurrent events and edit one image for them all. Even as I type this, I can see how this could be a complicated thing to solve overall, as wee as some of your other challenges.
  3. Copying Group Events - sounds like. a great idea to submit and you may already find this one in there to vote on.
  4. Delete Event - sounds like there may be value in just deleting an event altogether, especially if it hasn't happened.