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Paul Johnson
Youth Director / Music Minister
Asked a question 2 months ago

Our church is new to Realm, and I've done the work of entering the school grade of 60 youth into their profiles. Now it's a new school year. How do I raise them all one grade level without having to change each profile individually?

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The first thing I would look at is the relationship between exact age of the children and their grade in school.  This involves a custom query.  I'm guessing you'll find a very high correlation between exact age and school grade.  If this is the case, you don't even need to story grade.  We don't store school grade because of the strong correlation with exact age.  But of course this assumes you have full birth dates on these children, which should be a priority for several reasons.  The alternative is to run a custom query on the old school grade, one grade at a time.  Save the output and use that saved report as an input to re-set the current grade to a new value.  Again, this has to be done one grade at a time, but that's faster than one student at a time.