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Etienna R Wright
Director of Communications and Youth Formation
Asked a question last month

Prior to using Realm we were able to print nametags for all members from our system for Sunday services, but it was a huge waste when folks either didn't attend or didn't pick up their nametags. I recall being told that there was a way to have folks check-in and print their own nametags when arriving for service, however now I can't find any information in Ministry Smart or here in the community about how to do that. Does anyone have any advice on effectively printing nametags for Sunday services for people in attendance?

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Hello @Etienna R Wright5! You are absolutely right. Recently we released Mobile Check-in. This allows you to have someone check themselves in and grab their badge, without having to have a person at that check-in station. If you search for Mobile Check-in in MinistrySmart Academy you will find a training webinar where that is reviewed.