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Kelly Shifflett (Realm Admin Help)
Administrative Assistant
Asked a question last year

Registration Event link requires providing email: I am trying to use a Registration Event link (from Share option) that will be published in our social media and weekly eNewsletter - but using the link requires providing an email in order to actually register. I don't seem to be required to put an email in for people who have me complete for them (as a staff member). Why can't I get past this with the event link? This will be a big problem and slow things down for the people who show up day-of and still need to register at the door. And what if they are one of our non-digital members and don't have an email at all???

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Kelly, When you're registering someone as a staff person, we are already checking to see if they have an email address so we don't ask you for one again. When someone registers using the public registration link, we are asking for an email address so that they can receive the confirmation email. The confirmation email is necessary so that they can see exactly what they registered for, if there is a balance due for paying events, and other information that you may have added to the confirmation email since you can edit the confirmation email for each event. One common piece of information we've seen customers add is the event contact name and email address in case the individual has any questions about the event. For the non-digital members, we've heard that they put in one of their family members' email addresses.