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Mary Terwilliger
Director of Preschool & Children Ministry
Asked a question 2 years ago

Registration Events - what does the following option mean: Congregants can sign up online for this registration type ??? While searching for the answer I began to watch Realm Essentials Webinar - Registration Events and under overview there are advanced options, however, on my set up screen I do not have advanced options. Why?

Where am I?

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You can create some registration types that you don't want to been seen publically but you still want to have them registered. Examples may be like Volunteer or staff positions for an event-- like speaker, worship team, kitchen team. You still want them connected to the event and count in the numbers, but those people will be registered by someone with admin permissions.


Advanced options are under the first page of setup Overview with the description and includes "customize email confirmation," "campus, "max capacity," etc. I'm not sure why you would not be able to see that section.


"Congregants can sign up for this registration type" means you want people to be able to register for this type. Sometimes you want people to sign up for one type and then you can make other types available for them to sign up at a later time. Your church, Jackson Memorial Baptist, has Realm Connect so you wouldn't have the Campus field that you saw under Advanced Options in the webinar. And the event contact field has been moved up under the Event Description field. You should have the other fields such as Allow Named Guests, Max Capacity and Provide Memo. If you don't see these, please call support at 1-800-669-2509 so they can help.