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Lynne Kight
Queen of the Realm
Asked a question 4 months ago

We will be opening up our childrens department (elementary only) on November 1st. Is there a way in Realm for parents to do check-in before they come in the building (via phones) and then all they have to do is drop their kids off and not wait in line or worry about the spatial distancing in the check-in area? I was told one of our sister churches is using Shelby to do this. Does Realm offer anything?

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Vivian Wheeler
Office Manager/Financial Director

Not that I know of. We are having a few of our ministry leads checking in families as they arrive. We have social distance markers in the hallway leading to the check in center. It also helps to pre check in families that you know are regular attendees and have their badges ready to go prior to the event. IF one of those families does not show we simply go in and remove them from the attendance roster. 

We do not currently do this. One reason we prefer it this way is that the child is not actually there and this can create a security concern in showing a child has checked in but is not actually even on campus.