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Brian James
Minister of Communications & Worship
Asked a question 2 years ago

What percentage of your pre-CoVID attendance has returned to worship?

Vivian Wheeler
We are just able to move into our building this week. We have been meeting outside so my "vote" is for our outdoor worship setting.
Stephanie Subu
At my own church, we are only allowed to hold up to 35% of our congregation. We have been open since June. We are at the point where we now have "regulars", which represent about 50% of our congregants. We use Realm registrations to track everyone. The remaining 50% do not attend because they choose to stay home until their is a vaccine, live with a healthcare worker, small children, or at high risk of catching COVID that could be fatal. My employer, they just opened a month ago and we have gone from 75 attendees to 200 attendees. Slowly opening up areas as everyone learns our "threshold". So many people want to attend, we are opening up a second service to meet demand.

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