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Sharon Monroe
Ministry Assistant
Asked a question 20 days ago

When a member dies and you mark them as deceased, do you keep their membership status as member?

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Kristy Messler-Hunt
Parish Administrator, Trinity Parish Episcopal Church, Seattle, WA

We do, because for us that signifies that they were a member at the time they died. 

We leave their Member Status unchanged.  If your question is really about an archival record of who was a member of the church at any given time, that needs to be addressed outside of Realm.  Realm is not designed as an archive support system.

Kelly Shifflett
Administrative Assistant

Sharon - We keep membership status as "member"(because they were at the time of death) BUT we change another profile field to Deceased Member. 

We use "MEMBERSHIP"  and "RELATIONSHIP" as 2 other fields that allow us to record with finer distinctions, so that we can run reports with a greater level of detail.  

Under MEMBERSHIP, we have options for Baptized Member, Full Member, Former Member (transferred out or withdrawn), Affiliate/Assoc. Member, and Disconnected Member (no longer attending) 

Under RELATIONSHIP we use options like New (anyone at the time they are entered to Realm), Visitor, Attending or Engaged, Member of Record Only (haven't seen them in years, may not even have accurate contact info), Related (e.g.,  spouse of a member but does not have a formal relationship with us, is not an attender either or for parents of a youth who is confirmed but parents have not joined), and Other (for families who are involved in particular missions or ministries but not worshiping with us or prospects - attending elsewhere, other denomination, etc.)  RELATIONSHIP status is not necessarily associated with whether one is a member or not, and this label is intended to be changed much more frequently (on the basis of running attendance reports) to keep up with who is active/not. It was something we really noticed missing when we were doing our data migration from ACS to Realm and trying not to bring over a mess of records that were just going to be taking up space. We brought them over, but now we can keep them "sidelined" and out of the way and include in reporting only as necessary.