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Kylie Beran
Communications and Data Management
Asked a question 5 months ago

When taking attendance for an online-only event and I add a new person to the group, it adds them as an in-person attendee, even though the event is online only. It appears to me that whenever a new person is added to the event/group, they are added by default as in-person attendee, or, is something wrong with my setup? When a new person is added to an online-only event, shouldn't then their attendance by default be "virtual attendee?" For each new person I add, I have to "uncheck" their attendance and re-check their attendance to it's registered as virtual instead of in-person.

Where am I?

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Kylie, please call our support department so they can troubleshoot this with you. They are open today and tomorrow from 9 am to 8 pm EST and Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm EST.