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Danette Koehl
Asked a question 4 months ago

Who has launched the Accounting and Payroll features? What is your opinion on usage? Is it ready or still in beta-testing phase? I am new to the staff at my church replacing an individual whom resigned without leaving notes. I am over Communications in Realm and assist Finance. Any input is appreciated, thank you!!

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Hello Danette, we started using Realm Accounting including Payroll on Jan. 1, 2021. For the most part it's been easy to learn and navigate. I think it's working great. Yes, there are still things that need tweaked but Realm is constantly working to make it better and better. I really like the predefined reports and that you can edit them to your needs. You can save them and share them with other accounting users too.ย 

Good morning, while I haven't used the Payroll feature, I have setup, launched, and transitioned Realm accounting. Our church started a Satellite community about 6 years ago and we launched them as an independent church January 1!! To help them transition, we created a separate Realm account for the Satellite. Over the last 2 years, we have set up the Realm database, added a separate Vanco account for online giving, created registration events, and launched Realm accounting.ย 

The main church uses ACS Financials and won't transition to Accounting in the near future. The largest reason is the difference in the reporting. The Satellite is small and growing so Accounting is the perfect fit. We are a large, established church with a team looking at more complex reports.

So, would I recommend Accounting? Absolutely!! Will it meet your needs? Possibly. It's a great product and when enhancements to reporting are available, I will be looking to transition the larger church to it.