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Asked a question 2 months ago

Why would there not be a time stamp on Pathways when assigned? Right now, there is not a way of knowing when it has been assigned - is it 2 days old, two weeks ole, two months old? A time/date stamp would be an added benefit or at least a report that can be run so that we could know when it had been assigned.

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Hello @Karen Carter3! This sounds like a great idea to submit or vote on in "Ideas for Ministry". The MinistrySmart Community is a place to ask best use questions from other Ministry Partners or share ideas. We want to be sure that your ideas are shared with the right people for future use cases in the development process. Please be sure to go through the blue box in the sidebar that says Ideas for Ministry or through the support tab in Realm you will see a "Share your feedback" button in the top right.

That being said, you are able to put durations on each step in a Pathway to track when they become overdue. You also can see the date that they were added to that specific step. At a glance that does allow you to see last progress and how many days they've been on that step without progress.