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Martin Walker
Lay Leader Administrator
Asked a question 5 months ago

Would those using the new Realm Website capability post their site addresses - it would be great to see some live sites, especially some using the Realm widgets.

Where am I?

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Martin, Here are some live sites, and hope others post their sites as well. 

Bruton Parish - https://www.brutonparish.org106

Saint Michaels and All Angels, Sanibel - https://www.saintmichaels-sanibel.org78

Spring Valley Presbyterian Church - https://www.svpc.org118

Milledge Avenue Baptist Church - https://www.milledge.org108

Peace Baptist Church -

Wright Baptist Church -

Emmanuel Episcopal, Athens - https://www.emmanuelathens.org97

The Redeemer - https://www.theredeemer.org94