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After you set the date range and other options on the report, choose Run then click the arrow beside the printer icon at the top and choose Export (.csv). You'll be prompted to save it to your local drives then you can open the .csv file in Excel. We don't export directly to Excel worksheets because different versions format differently.

The most efficient way is to use the import from .csv option which provides you the template needed to import and match up the individuals. Else you can manually enter them. 

We are exploring the accounting package and currently use QB. How does Realm Accounting compare with QB with regards to features and ease of use? How easy and streamlined was it to transfer?
Julie Hansen
Non Profit Accounting Solutions, Owner
I've just converted to Realm after 15 years of using ACS. It seems there are several missing links for ease of accessing data. For example:

1. Inability to "edit" vendor addresses while posting invoices
2. Inability to "view" vendors prior "history" while posting invoices
3. Inability to "edit" 1099 flag while posting invoices.
4. Inability to "open" multiple windows i.e. Edit budget in one "window" while the "account inquiry" screen is open in another.

If anyone can assist me, I would be very grateful!