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Hi Pastor @Laura Goerzen2! I can definitely appreciate the thought and concern here. Hopefully we get some responses here as to how other ministries have handled this situation.

My only thought would be to suggest submitting an idea over in Ideas for Ministry (accessed through the support page in Realm [Share your feedback] or through the blue image in the right side navigation panel). There may even be other submissions in there from other ministries with the same concern, and you can vote on their idea. Our development team uses that space as a way to gather feedback from... (More)

Hi @Lisa Jolliffe1. Anyone that has a login as a User With Permissions should be able to download Realm Shepherd from the App Store or Google Play store, and log in. Our apps do require you being within 2 of the most recent software versions on your device. So it's possible that the phone is too old.

I would suggest calling into support (with his phone handy) to confirm what is happening.

Why would a pastor not be able to see the shepherd app on his realm or be able to download it to his android device?

Julie, if you're a user with responsibility, it should be opening to Realm rather than Connect. Would you mind contacting our support department so they can get more details and report this as an issue as necessary?