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We are excited to have all 1000 of you here with us to share ideas, post great questions and find great answers.  Who else on your staff is not here yet?

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I understand there is a promo video called congregant privacy can anyone send that to me or tell me where i can go out and get it...tks pam
John Clark
Independent Realm Consultant
For those who have reopened in person services, what obstacles have you encountered, and how were they solved?

What we did was set up a booth for people that had questions about Realm and we gave some things away for those that got a Realm account. We found that if they could get questions answered, they were more likely to use Realm. Also once they found out at the end of the year they could print off their contribution statements that helped a lot. But the main thing I think that helped our congregation get onboard with Realm was the area we had for not only answering question, but I had a TV that cycled through several of... (More)