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MaryAnne Brown
Business Systems Analyst
Contactless Registration and Check-In for in Sanctuary Services

Good day, all. We are working on reopening our sanctuary for services. Lots of moving parts to achieve this for sure. One aspect I’m researching is a Contactless Check-In process and Contactless Walk-Up Registration on site (along with an advanced event registration).

Has anyone used or have opinions on utilizing QR codes or Text (text xxx to worship) for walk-up registrations or contactless check-in using Realm? Thank you.
Not specifically a COVID-19 question, but in tracking ministry follow-up with people who are sick. How do you all handle staying in contact with people who are sick (finding their needs, continued follow-up, etc). We're not a big church and in times past we handle follow-up in an ad-hoc manner. Now with more ppl getting sick AND less actual face time with ppl we are looking to better formalize follow-ups.

I was thinking of using Pathways. Anyone else doing that? If not, what means are you using, if any?
Brian James
Minister of Communications & Worship
For churches that are doing registration for people returning to worship services or for children returning for child care, what questions are you asking in the registration process?
How have people set up tracking their PPP funds? What has worked and what hasn't worked? What would you change from how you are doing it, now that you are running financial reports, etc.? Any input is greatly appreciated so we know the best way to handle this form of income that is to cover payroll, utilities, etc.