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Giving and Pledges
Giving and Pledges
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Thank you for the work-around using the giving form; however, I have discovered that I need a PAYMENT FORM -- not giving. I need to be able to create a form with a drop-down menu that allows parents to choose from the different classes (with different prices) plus add a discount for a second child. To use a "Giving Form" (when it is not giving and implies tax deductibility) and then require parents to input their own "Amount of Gift" (which is not a gift but a payment) feels like taking a step backward instead of forward. (See example of... (More)

Sandra Murphy
Business Administration
For churches who have occasional "special" or "national" collections in addition to the weekly offertory - how do you handle this for parishioners who have set up recurring gifts? We have a link for online giving on our church homepage. It would be unworkable to include options for all the other collections as there are many throughout the year. Would welcome your feedback.
Does anyone know how to run a report which would show all gifts/contributions recorded as "Nondeductible" year to date? Is this a possibility?

Sarah, please call our support department at 1-800-669-2509 so they can see what you're seeing and if it is an issue, they will be able to get the issue reported so we can resolve it.