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Giving and Pledges
Giving and Pledges
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Does anyone know how to run a report which would show all gifts/contributions recorded as "Nondeductible" year to date? Is this a possibility?
Next week I am presenting a webinar on Strategies for Online Giving! I would love your best strategies and successful ideas for promoting and encouraging your eGivers, recruiting NEW eGivers, and keeping Online Giving in front of your congregation and community. Thanks
If you're using the check scanner in Realm to scan your checks so you have the images attached to the transaction, you can also now print an endorsement on the back of the check. To get to the Endorsement line, choose the Scan Checks button and then you'll see the endorsement field on that screen. Click in the field and type in what you want to be printed as an endorsement on the back of the check. The endorsement will print horizontally on the back of the check. We did talk with a few banks and they confirmed that this... (More)