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Emily Kalmbach
Administrative Assistant for Children and Family Ministry
is anyone tracking members in your congregation who are active military or veterans? If so, are you tracking them in groups or have you added a user-defined field for this? Would love to know more - how tracked, how you found those who are/were in military, how used for reporting, how detailed you track the information, and if you have found it useful to know or if it has dropped off the radar after defining and creating. Thank you!
Melissa Clapp
Administrative Assistant for Connection Ministry & Business Office
Where do you keep worship attendance and why? The all church system group, a separate group, or a separate group for each service? We are a church with 400-500 average worship attendance (in normal times).There are connection pads that are passed down the pews for people to sign to register attendance and get to know names of people worshipping around them. They can provide contact information and check things like 1st time attender, 2nd time attender, etc. I'd say 40% of attenders complete it. Ushers also take a count. Attendance is entered in Realm on Monday and a number is... (More)