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Introduce Yourself!
Introduce Yourself!

We are so excited that you've joined the MinistrySmart Community. We hope that you feel welcome. This is a community forum for Realm users to connect and collaborate with each other. Be sure to follow topics of interest so that you can stay connected.

Please take a moment to introduce yourself. What church do you represent? What is your role in your ministry? What do you enjoy most about your role in your ministry? Do you have a favorite feature in Realm? Tell us something fun about yourself!

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Hello everyone. My name is Richard "Doc" Strait. I am a retired US Navy Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman. Retired due to war injuries and PTSD. My wife is a US Marine Corps Veteran. After years of surgeries, PTSD treatment (inpatient & outpatient) we were able to go back to college and finish our ministry degrees. Now, we are full-time missionaries to the military and veterans' community that has been impacted by PTSD and war just as we were. We help the veterans, and their families restore their faith and trust in our Lord and Savior. We also help churches... (More)

The way I do it is by making a custom query and selecting multiple groups or ministry areas (use the "or" option)

Tiffany Bryant
Receptionist and Database Coordinator
Hello all! My church has been using Realm for a while now, but I'm just now taking over as our Database Coordinator. I'm also the Receptionist, so I get to talk to a whole lot of parishioners and I think that's a pretty good combination. I'm excited to hear their feedback and get more of our parishioners and staff on the same page with using Realm. My favorite feature in Realm is the Pathways feature. I manage our Newcomer Welcome and Bereavement pathways, and I find that it really helps to make sure no one is forgotten. Something fun about... (More)