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Following topics are the best way to stay up to date and to join in on the conversation. Select any or all the topics that will help you in your ministry.

Upcoming Webinars

Don't forget to sign up for our upcoming webinars! It is easy to do, simply click on the "Owl" in Realm and navigate to "Catalog" and "Live Events." Here is what we have planned for this month.


Oct-9 11:00:00 AM Realm Advanced Webinar | Group Leader Engagement

  • If you build it, they will come. Well, not always! Just because you asked them to do something, doesn't mean they will. Join us for this informative webinar on ways to engage your Group Leaders in all that Realm has to offer.

Oct-14 11:00:00 AM Ministry Impact Webinar | Creating Community while... (More)

My first inclination on this is how much time do I have to get an answer?

If you are looking for "best practices", I believe this is a wonderful outlet to discuss with fellow ministers to see what they've tried and what has proven effective for them.
If you are looking for an immediate answer or "how to", then Support would be the best place. It probably wouldn't hurt to do a both/and situation for some things as well.

In this political season, I feel like I just gave you a very PC answer... Hope this helps! 

John Clark
Independent Realm Consultant
How long do posts in Community Smart remain visible?