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Apps - Realm Connect and Realm Shepherd
Apps - Realm Connect and Realm Shepherd
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Kelly Shifflett
Administrative Assistant
Is there any way to mark people in attendance AS THEY ARRIVE, other than by using a Check-In Kiosk? It seems that unless we use kiosks for check in, we can't mark folks as present for a Registration Event until the event is over and listed in Past Events... My apologies for a re-posting of sorts, but I am going in circles now trying to figure out the best options for us for in-person worship - managing people flow, knowing there will be folks who do not pre-register, and no one has any familiarity with Realm yet. So we'd have... (More)
We launched Realm about 6 weeks ago and parishioners keep making duplicate profiles because they can't see all their information in the app (i.e. family members, etc.). Is there a list of what can be done in the app as opposed to what can be done actually logging in via a computer? Thanks for any information.