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Martin, Here are some live sites, and hope others post their sites as well. 

Bruton Parish - https://www.brutonparish.org76

Saint Michaels and All Angels, Sanibel - https://www.saintmichaels-sanibel.org55

Spring Valley Presbyterian Church - https://www.svpc.org57

Milledge Avenue Baptist Church - https://www.milledge.org59

Peace Baptist Church -

Wright Baptist Church -

Emmanuel Episcopal, Athens - https://www.emmanuelathens.org51

The Redeemer - https://www.theredeemer.org66

Brandon Beard
Ministry Success Manager

Hey @Kristina DeFrancesco3,

Thought I would drop in and speak to your question a little. I've been doing website work here at ACS for many years. I may be a little biased, but I'll be truthful. I'll be the first to say that our previous website builder tool was outdated and lacked the bells and whistles everyone is looking for in a website builder. I've seen many clients leave for a better product. However, what we offer now in Realm Refresh Websites is one of the best website builder tools I've seen in a while, and I've seen a... (More)

Hi @Kristina DeFrancesco3! Great question. There is a page on our website that goes through some of the key benefits, as well as a brief that you can download with more details.

Initial benefits with being a Realm client, is that you are only paying $30/year total. That includes hosting and access to the web building tools. You also have the ability to add widgets for Groups, Giving/Pledges, and Events that connects from your Realm site out to your public website.