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Registration Events
Registration Events
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Hi @Kim Strader2! While there is a calendar feature in Realm, that is the on the staff-side (User with Responsibilities). For a member of your Realm Connect community, they will see events through Realm Connect, under Events. That will show them upcoming church-wide Registration Events and upcoming events that are happening in the groups that they are a part of.

For ministries using our Realm Refresh website product, there is an Event Widget feature that would allow you to feed certain events into your site.

If you are wanting an actual calendar on your website, what you are doing... (More)

Hi @Christine Wenning Lambert2. Just to be sure, are you asking if there is a way for someone that registers for an event, that they can also see who else has registered? The Registrant Party/List are only viewable by someone that is setup as a User With Responsibilities and has the appropriate permissions.

Hi @Laura Rodde5! There are two kinds of events in Realm: Group Events & Registration Events. Group Events are created/connected with the specific group(s) and can be created by a Group Leader. In order to manage Registration Events, you would need to be setup as a "User With Responsibilities".

That being said, you technically could have someone that is a leader of a group and also managing your Registration Events, but those two are not the same or connected in any way. In order to manage Registration Events, you have to be set up as a "User With Responsibilities".... (More)