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Registration Events
Registration Events
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John Clark
Independent Realm Consultant
We are reopening this Sunday on a limited attendance using a Registration Event to track attendees. Does anyone have experience or recommendations to share that has already reopened?
We are seeing a bit of a usability issue with some of our registration events. Not really a technical problem with REALM, but since it happens sporadically I thought I would bring it up here to see if anyone else has run into the problem. People are saying they are registering for an event but the event contacts are saying they are not seeing them registered. I've come to the conclusion that what's going on is that when they get to the last screen to review your options selected, the registrant is not hitting the final register button on that... (More)
Brian James
Minister of Communications & Worship
For churches that are doing registration for people returning to worship services or for children returning for child care, what questions are you asking in the registration process?
How do you export a list of participants in an event to a group without having to add them one by one?