Our Workers Compensation Insurer requests a payroll audit every year to see if our policy needs adjustment. I have not yet found a report that will list salaries by employee for a selected period of time that I can use. ACS used to have one that gave us all the information we needed (employee & salary information grouped by Workers comp group). I will admit I just built our Workers Compensation classifications list and added them to the jobs listing. But when I run the report I get no data. Will it not apply that information to historical data?
I have tried using the Wage Report as a work around but cannot see how it can be downloaded or printed as a CSV file so I can re-sort, etc the data. Again, is this a lack of knowledge on my part? I REALLY don't want to create this salary listing by hand from a year's worth of Payroll reports when it is all there in Realm for it to accumulate.